Entity table concept

Forniture design

PRIMARY FUNCTION:Recharging table

INSPIRATION:Sun and technology
UNIQUE PROPERTIES:A table + a huge solar panel + an inside rechargable system = recharge and enjoy your portable devices. Any portable device. Entity table consist in a nice white table, with a big solar panel in the middle, and different devices plugs. boxed. I Think about this as an object that can be left alone in every outdoor space. a park, a beach, a desert…
PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY:Ceramic or paited concrete for main body, photovoltaic solar panel, DC/AC Inverter, AC circuit, electrical circuits. Legs are fixed to heavy concrete blocks, to be fixed to the ground.

Entity table 01


Entity table 02


Entity table 03


Entity table 03


Entity table 04


Entity table 05


Garden variation


Desert variation CLOSED


Garden variation OPEN

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