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Experience of over 10 years in a creative agency with a strong focus on digital media, graphic design, 3D, and in collaboration with companies and / or national and international brands.
Professional knowledge of the major graphics software and design: Adobe CS 3 and higher, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, After effects, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Apple FinalCut, Maxon Cinema 4D. In addition to traditional programs such as browsers, Office, imovie, idvd, iphoto and all the basic programs of the Mac and Pc.
Extensive knowledge of the techniques of graphics and design, photo and video editing, 3D.
Expertise in suggesting creative ideas at various levels and in different sectors;
Confidence in dealing with multiple jobs at once;
Creating, updating, editing and publishing of websites developed with the following languages ​​and applications: Flash, html, css, cms, wordpress, php, jquery, FTP;
Specializing in corporate multimedia presentations;

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2014 – 2015

www.digon.ch • WordPress Onepage parallax corporate website;
www.progettobenesseregenova.it • WordPress Onepage parallax SPA website with Woocommerce online store;
www.pernonsubireviolenza.it • WordPress Onlus against violence on woman website;
www.segretidellanatura.it • WordPress Woocommerce online store for natural products sells;
DIESEL • Denim master studio • Various graphic made for instore action “Denim Master Studio”(Thanks to Mario Torre italian set designer);
X-Factor 2014 • I made some research and some graphics used on the set of the launch campaign of X-factor 2014 (Thanks to Mario Torre italian set designer);
www.sogeco.com • Different modification and updates on corporate websites;
www.react.dicca.unige.it • University research group website setup and publication;
www.sampierdarenaoliisrl.it  • Concept, design, website company for warehousing and logistics industry machinery and systems. 3D Animation – Cinema 4D – Flash;
www.simonapicciotto.com • Concept, design, development of web site Simona Picciotto, graphic designer and calligrapher. Html-css.
www.robertocomelli.com • Conception, design, web site development by Roberto Comelli, artist and painter, and the project “The dynamism through the Visual Breakdown. Html-jquery css.
www.o-range.com • Restyling website development online store. CMS-Wordpress;
www.genoacricket1893.com • Concept, design, development of web site for the cricket club, with whom he worked also for the production of graphic material. Flash.
Ferraro Technical Forniture • Realization 3d render series of rooms furnished with the company’s products, then attached to the quote. Cinema 4D – Photoshop.
Genovaprint-Xecur • 3D Rendering for line of gates and safety locksproduct catalog. Cinema 4D – Photoshop.
Teatro Ateneo • Show poster realization for “RUMORS”. Photoshop – Indesign.

www.Aitek.it spa (innovative technological solutions):


•Collaboration with Aitek on the concept, design and realization of agraphic interface and interactive development.
A multimedia solution to raise awareness of the rich heritage of Fondazione Ansaldo archival and documentary, an institution committed to the promotion of studies, research and cultural events dedicated to the issues of economic culture and work. More info

•Transposition of graphic media from images to interactive interface for touch screen Totem, made for Ansaldo STS;
•Implementation plans for Autostrade spa, for the restructuring of the user interfaces of checkouts and internal terminals of the motorway network;
•Concept design of graphical user interfaces for various video surveillance services;
•Design of promotional graphics for information kiosks;

www.NeXtage-on.com (advanced solutions for life science):
•Interface design for a video management web portal;
•Creation of an infographic for wall application;

Project management, set up, supervision:

www.pinksummer.com Contemporary art gallery
Project management and construction supervision of 2 contemporary art installations by the artist Stefania Galegati Shines in Genoa and Milan, based on the realization of 2 stories written on the ground, taken from Rosa Matteucci’s books.

Silvano Galifi, graphic design for exhibition show “Passport Photo

3D animation:

AKU shoes, hiking shoes brand.
Realization of a 40 seconds 3D animation showing products features. Check it here


www.violabox.it Concept of the website’s graphics for contemporary art gallery Violabox, based in Genoa;

www.jacopoguido.com, Concept, design, website development for Jacopo Guido, golf instructor, technical analysis realization movements, gallery video lessons.

www.genoacricket1893.com, Concept, design, website development for the cricket club, with whom I collaborate also for the production of any graphic material.

www.robertocomelli.com Concept, design, website development of Roberto Comelli website, artist and painter, showing his project “Il dinamismo attraverso la Scomposizione Visiva”.

www.simonapicciotto.com Concept, design, website development of Simona Picciotto, graphic designer and calligrapher portfolio.

www.trasform1996.it Concept, design, website development of Trasform website by Giancarlo Alimonti, manufacturing furniture made of recycled plastic.

www.restaurodartecafferata.com Concept design of the graphics for the site of the artistic restorer Juan Cafferata.


Rino Calandra, graphic design for music CD.

Gioielleria Granvillani, windows graphic restyling;

Collaboration with O-range s.r.l. www.o-range.info

Employed for over 10 years at the O-range study, I addressed several areas of work as well as typical problems of design:

Graphic Design for the production of swim wear for the Speedo brand, (one of the biggest brands in the production of swimwear for competition, sport and leisure);

Design of innovative sports products, such as wrist heart rate monitors, bike computers, through the use of 3D software;

Three-dimensional animations, corporate flash presentations, websites, catalogues, leaflets, catalogues and advertising material;

Design of complete uniforms for two football Serie A clubs, Bologna and Vicenza, choice of style and materials, supervision to final production;

Design 3 ° mesh (used in European competitions) for Inter and Lazio;

Design 1 st layer t-shirts for the team-NorthSails Alinghi, winner in those years of America’s Cup 2000.

Main Projects:

1998-2007. Design and graphics printed on the customs pool and beach on behalf of Speedo International, annual production of 2 series of about a hundred proposals, autumn-winter and spring-summer collections for training and competition in the pool and beach.

1999-2000. Collection t-shirts for the historic brand MISTRAL

2000-2001. Suit for the football team (Serie A) and Bologna Vicenza, jerseys, shorts, socks, workout clothes and leisure jackets from the bench or whatever

Design 3° mesh to LAZIO INTER and engaged in the Uefa Cup, with sponsor UMBRO, and also the commemorative t-shirt if you win one of two teams.

2001-2002. Construction design for the collection of shorts man from the sea and urban brand LEVI’S.

2002-2003. Design and print model for a top layer for the 1 st-team Alinghi NorthSails, Sensitive ® fabrics made with full graphics.

2003-2006. Design collection of sports watches for brands SPEEDO International, and design of the first heart rate monitor wrist fully integrated (no chest strap).

2004-2005. Design templates and graphics for collection of costumes for Men’s Swimwear Speedo International.

2007-2010. Design templates and graphics for the brand Beretta weapons, the shotgun making bags, purses and totes, backpacks, belts and ammunition, in a classic style, style and even competing.

2007-2010. Industrial design for the construction of sports watches, bicycle computers, technology accessories on behalf of Dayton Industrial of Hong Kong, which makes these technological objects on behalf of other brands such as Suunto, Garmin.

Other work experiences

1992 -1998 – Blackbird promotions at Nessundorma club Genoa
Organization and promotion of live musical performances
Organization, contacts with agencies and management of bands, realization graphics for posters, flyers and invitations, reception band. Responsible advertising and media relations.

1990 -1994 – Elettromusic – Art, music, entertainment.
Stage technician for live musical performances, technical lighting, sound, stage, for technical productions for concerts and live performances.
Specialized in the installation, adjustment and drum kits microphone setup.


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